Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fun fun!

The holidays are upon us already and we have enjoyed the spirit around us. We leave to visit Idaho for Christmas in just a few days. Thought I would try to get one last post in before the craziness. Had to put up some lights on the house. Looks pretty darn good I think! We have gotten a few snow flurries here in Pittsburgh, Landon has enjoyed watching it.

Got together with a few friends and had a game night with a pre-Christmas feast! We love games and we love our friends that play with us!!

I have had a blast with my clogging class! We performed a show at the mall last Saturday. The picture is just of a few ladies in our group! I was a lot of fun and we had quite the audience too! We also had a holiday party at our studio. We put on some music after we ate and danced to some Christmas music. I think there might be a future clogger in our family!

I hope everyone has a great Christmas!!! See you next year!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The latest...

I can't believe how fast the last month has gone by! Here's what we have been up to...

Tyson's sister, Megan, came to visit us the middle of November! It was so fun to have her here. We were lucky to have one really nice day so we ventured off to the zoo! Unfortunately, I only took a few pictures of Landon while visiting the elephant section! We went shopping, to the movies, dinner, and had some great girl chats! Thanks for all your help Meggers! See you again soon!

I absolutely LOVE Christmas and was excited as always to decorate and prepare for the holidays! Landon was fascinated by decorating the tree. Of course after he was done I had to move the ornaments around, as they were all clumped in one spot!

Wrapping presents however is not my favorite. Ebony thought she would join in by biting the corners of the packages after I wrapped them. Urgh cat!

I came into the living room and caught Landon peeking over the couch at his presents. He he!

Thanksgiving was great as always (thanks to Michele and her mad cooking skills)! We ate like Kings and Queens! It was fun to visit and relax with friends the entire afternoon. Being with such great people made me miss home a little less. Thank you everyone!

Landon eating some pie with the big kids!

And what do you know...we ate again later, hence Landon's smile full of food! Look at what a cheese ball he is! Love it!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Goodbye Fall! It was fun!

We love fall here in Pittsburgh! I wish that it lasted longer. Sadly the bright orange, red, and yellow leaves are starting to fall and winter is approaching way too quickly! We have been busy picking and carving pumpkins, partying like crazy, and dressing up for loads of candy! We went to Trax Farms, just as we did last year, to pick up the perfect pumpkins and have some good old fashioned farm fun. We visited the petting zoo, admired Christmas decor, and picked up some fabulous salami and cheese from the deli. It has been amazing having a one and a half year old. Tyson and I stood and giggled the whole time Landon rode this little choo choo train!! (Don't miss the video!)

A friend of mine and I threw a little Halloween party. I love Halloween parties, they are the best! I made some really yummy treats! The eyeballs were delightful! All of the kids looked great in their costumes!

Landon helped me scoop out all the pumpkin guts! Sadly, I didn't get pictures of the carving...I was retarded and didn't think to get out the camera. Tyson did an amazing job on his! He always teases me that I do cute pumpkin carvings and that pumpkins can't be cute for Halloween. So Landon and I's little pumpkin is as spooky as I could get it!

Isn't Landon just the cutest little Frank you have ever seen!? Tyson was trying to get him to do "scary hands" for the picture. Trick or treating was a blast! We decided to go up a few blocks from our house and trick or treat on a street that we heard was hoppin last year. We thought about taking the stroller, in case Landon got tired. But to our amazement, he was such a little trooper! He walked, holding onto mamma's and dada's hands, for several blocks just as happy as could be. After a few houses, he finally got the concept. See bowl, grab candy, put in bag, try to go for seconds. Everyone commented on his costume. People would stop to watch him walk by. Others would see him and run to tell their friends to look at the little Frankenstein. Yes, he was a little show stopper!

There our houses in our neighborhood that really get into it! I didn't get it on film, but the house in the video had a baby doll locked in a cage with a bowl of dog food next to it. Ummm...freaky!?

Landon finally got brave enough to walk to a house to get some candy all by himself!

And what could make the end of this night perfect?? Why, a load of candy of course!! Little Frank, you made our Halloween so much fun! I hope everyone else's halloween was just as SPOOKtacular as ours!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kitty Kisses and Lot's of Words!

Sorry! This is another post about Landon and it might be boring and kind of long for some of you but I had to document all of the words he has been saying! He has been talking up a storm, his little mind amazes me! I only pray that I am doing everything I should be to help him learn more and more everyday! Here are all the words he is saying, hopefully I haven't forgotten any! Oh, and of course he says them all in his own little way. I tried to spell out the words that he says for some of them.

Bubble, Ball, Mama, Dada, Bubba (his nickname), Boon (Balloon), Elbow, Belly, Eye, In (Chin), Cheek, Hi, Up, Off, Done, Gen (Again), Uh Oh, Broom, Titty (Kitty), Doddy (Doggy), Bye bye, Wall, Bachama (Vacuum-don't aske me where he got that word), Peas (Please), Duck, Clock, Potty, Baby, Nana (Banana), Cracker, Candy, Cookie, Sucker, Apple, Juice, (Muck) Milk, (Otter) Water, Spoon, Fork, Knife, Cheese, Teef (Teeth), Belly Button, Poopy, Pee pee, Bee, Big, (Ider) Spider, Star, Puter (Computer-of course only in this day and age), Jesus-my favorite, Sock, Snack, Truck, Tractor, Bus, La Mow (Lawn Mower), Choo Choo (Train), Stick, Rock, Walk, Ditty (Dirty), Raining, Light, Fan, Stuck, Yuck, Shoes, Bowl, Tar (Guitar), Book, Brush, Candle, Bum, Fishies, Hat, Hot, Owey, Piano, Kiss, Night Night, Elmo, Tunnel, No

Also, our cat Ebony has always had quite the attitude but I have been pretty impressed with how well she has done with Landon. She will hiss at him from time to time when he gets a little too rough but for the most part she is patient, especially when he tries to give her kisses. In the video you can hear him say one of his favorite words. When he sees her in the morning he say's "ohhhhh titty."

Friday, October 23, 2009

Fall Festival

After sitting on the 279 in the car for over an hour waiting for construction (ugh!) we finally made it to Zelienople for our annual fall festival outing. Such a cute little town with lots of yummy food and cute craft booths.

Landon was fascinated by and couldn't take his eyes off a band playing country music. He is really into guitar's. "Tar, tar!" Cute!

They had the cutest little petting zoo. Landon has no fear when it comes to animals. He even got to ride on a horsey! Oh man, that was the highlight of our trip. So fun!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Clogging, Forts, Grandma, Crafts, and Suckers!!!

What wonderful things!

I am so excited because I have found a clogging class!! I started clogging when I was about 14 years old and clogged up until college. I love dancing and performing and have really missed it. I started searching for a clogging class online a couple years ago after seeing a group perform at a fall festival. I had no luck at finding anything. I started my search again a few weeks ago (after seeing the Fab 5 cloggers perform on America's Got Talent--awesome!) and finally came across a group that meets fairly close to our home. I had to blow the dust off my old shoes but went last night...it was so much fun!! Can't wait to go every week and get my clog on!

I can't tell you how sad I am that summer is over...no more playing in the backyard. Boo hoo! Guess I will have to start really getting creative. Forts are always fun, right??

My mom came out to visit last week while Tyson was on a hunting trip in Ohio with a few of his friends. He shot a big buck but couldn't find it which was a bummer, I was hoping for the meat! He forgot his camera on the trip but maybe I can get my hands on a picture of him in all is camo gear that one of the other guys took so I can post it. He had a great "male bonding" time! Anyway, the weather was horrible while she was here but we managed to get out one day to the strip district to look through shops and get some yummy popcorn. She had fun playing with Landon and Landon loved giving his grandma kisses. We also had fun with our tradition of crafts during conference. I made little wooden Christmas tags and my mom made a beautiful floral arrangement for me. Isn't she sooo talented?? I was glad she was here to keep me company while my hubby was gone. Thanks mom, we miss you.

I needed to get a few things done and Landon was being really, really needy. Hmmm, what could I give him to distract him for just a moment so I could finish the laundry? Ah hah! A sucker! He loved it. I might use this technique again! Does that make me a bad mom? :)