Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Blog? What Blog?

Oh man, I have tried to sit down to blog about 10 times. It gets a little crazy when you're trying to sell a house, pass boards, pack, look for a new house....I could go on. Anyway, I am finally doing it! So lets see if I can play catch up and tell you a little of what we have been up to. I celebrated my lovely 30th birthday in March and some good friends helped me take the big number a little easier. I have only gotten a pedicure and manicure once before but now I think I will be getting once a month! And a delicious breakfast at Pamela's Diner!? Delightful.

But more then breakfast and nail polish the biggest news is that Tyson passed the second part of his boards! I was so proud of him! I was also quite proud of the "Boards Survival Bag" that I put together which included breakfast, lunch, his favorite treats, and a gift certificate for a well deserved back rub after his test! I think it must have helped because he got an amazing score. Now he can really be a doctor!! Yippee! I knew you could do it my love!

But perhaps the MOST exciting thing that we have been up to has been all the packing we have been doing. NOT! I am already sick of seeing boxes. I forgot how much I hate to pack. Why can't I be this excited about packing...

Other then that, the emotions are definitely starting to set in about leaving Pittsburgh. I teach Relief Society in church and cried like a huge baby during my last lesson. So sorry to those who had to witness my meltdown! :) We hope to have lots of warm weather the next few weeks for lots of fun with friends before we leave. Until next time!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

We had a fun Easter this year. Holidays get more fun as Landon gets older. Our church playgroup had a little Easter egg hunt. I wasn't sure if Landon would fully understand, but he got so excited when he found an easter egg to put in the bag.

Here are the kids all lined up ready to go!

Landon had so much fun with all his little friends. Here is Jackson, his very best friend. They gave each other a hug when they saw each other but I missed it. So cute.

And one of Landon's only little girl friends, Madi! And what a little girl she is! Landon figured out that the eggs had candy inside them at this point!

Landon and Mack. (Landon eating his 4th piece of candy...oh dear!)

Look what the Easter Bunny brought us!

Landon got some paint, stickers, a tractor book, a tractor, a lizard,a chocolate doggy and lot's of yummy candy from the Easter bunny. He was quite excited. The Easter bunny also hid some easter eggs in our living room and dining room for him to find. (Tradition in my house growing up.)

Heck, even the grass inside the basket was exciting! I think I was picking it up around the house all day long.

We had to dye some Easter eggs although it was quite a messy experience and I have never seen uglier eggs in my life! Landon enjoyed putting the eggs in multiple cups to mix it up. We had lovely puke green and brownish orange eggs! Pretty!

Oh my gosh...this was the best! There is a man who lives in our neighborhood who enjoys dressing up for all the major holidays. He saw us in our backyard so he came over and asked if he could give Landon a bag of Easter goodies. Landon was fascinated by the giant bunny. While talking to him Landon snuck benind him and squeezed his tail. It made us all laugh. When the man left, Landon looked so sad and concerned. "All gone Easter bunny", he said as he waved his little hand in the direction that he left.