Saturday, August 8, 2009

An afternoon picnic (Warning...many posts to follow, I was really behind!!!)

It was a beautiful day and we decided to take a nature walk and have a yummy picnic! Landon had fun throwing rocks in the creek and there were tons of people walking their dogs which Landon also loved. Every minute he was pointing to one and saying "doddy, doddy"! Of course people were so nice to stop and let Landon give the dogs kisses. I have to get a video of him doing that to our cat Ebony and post cute!

Okay, let me explain this one...Tyson saw this HUGE spider in one of the trees by the creek and had to take a picture of it. HE MADE ME POST IT! EWWWWWW!

Precious stuff!

In one of the neighborhoods near our house they have a bunch of festivities along the main street once a month during the summer. We went with some friends of ours to enjoy the nice summer evening! As we were walking along my friend Ashley noticed that her little boy and Landon were holding hands. I was speady, I whipped out the camera and caught it! Oh my gosh!!! SO CUTE! They held hands for quite a while too!

Landon playing peek-a-boo. Oh and he had to have a balloon that one of the booths was giving away! He was in heaven! He loves "boons".

Palmyra, NY

Tyson's mom, Ranae, his dad, Wayne, and sister, Megan came to visit us in Pittsburgh! We were so excited for there trip here and all the fun things we had planned. We had the amazing opportunity to go to Palmyra to see some of the church sites. We had a great time! I was so excited to see the Hill Cumorah Pageant and it was quite the show! It was really an experience to be right were the prophet Joseph lived and where the church was first formed. I think that all of us would say that the Sacred Grove was the most memorable place that we visited during our trip. So great, that we visited twice!

The Palmyra temple was so beautiful!

This is the stage of the Hill Cumorah Pageant. We got there quite early to get good seats! We went to the visitor's center, hiked up Hill Cumorah, and had a really good chicken dinner in one of the tents selling food near by.

Bompa and Landon heading up the hill.

Nanny and Landon, waiting for the Pageant to start...way past his bed time!

What do you know? We got our picture taken with Captain Mormon!!!

This little boy is in our ward! So cute!

This was hilarious! Landon was so tired. Poor bubs! It was such a long day, waiting for the pageant to start with no nap. He was trying to fight it but his eyes just couldn't stay open anymore! He finally crashed and slept on daddy's shoulder through the whole show! Thank goodness!

Joseph Smith's farm house.

This tree is what they called a "witness tree". Meaning, they believe that it was one of the few trees that were standing when Joseph Smith saw his vision in the Sacred Grove.

They cut one tree down so you could see how hollow the trees are inside.

I think that Landon liked the Sacred Grove!

It was so peaceful, Landon fell right asleep!

Leaving the Sacred Grove. Feel the love! :)

The Sacred Grove was a special experience and one that we will always cherish. It felt as if you walked through some protective bubble and once inside all the worries of the world outside just kind of disappeared. I definitely was overwhelmed with emotion as I felt the spirit so strongly. It was great to share it with our family. To Wayne and Ranae...I can't express my thanks enough for all the things that you did for us while you were here. The support and love from our family means everything to us and I was so glad to have gone to Palmyra with you guys!!!

We lost again!!!

Megan, Tyson's sister, really wanted to get to a Pirates Game! She loved it the last time she was here! So, this post is for you Megers! Glad you were able to come to Pittsburgh to visit! And, thanks for all your help with Landon. He misses you!

The seat is much cooler then the game of course!

And this is how we kept Landon occupied most of the time. I don't know why we didn't think of this earlier! He just learned how to dip things! He must have sat there for a good 40 minutes dipping and sucking the ketchup off his fries!

All clean!

Yea Megan!!!

Another trip to the Zoo

We were glad once again to make it to the zoo. I really have been impressed with the Pittsburgh zoo and all the animals there!

How cute is the bear!!!???

Landon watching the fishies swim!

I think we're pretty good lookin, don't you??

Just some cute pictures that Tyson's mom snapped of us while we were out to eat one night while they were here visiting!

Playing at the park

And down the slide...1...2...3...GO!

Good old country day!

We went to a cute little county fair on July 11th outside of Pittsburgh. (I know, I am really behind! That was a month ago!) It ended up being perfect because we went earlier in the day and there really wasn't anybody there yet so we were able to walk right into all the exhibits and get our food without standing in line. Landon LOVED all the little animals. It was so fun to see him react to different animals other then our cat and our neighbors dog! Made me miss our annual trips to the Blackfoot fair in Idaho!

He is a Murdock boy for sure! Loves his machines!