Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Well, it is actually the day after Christmas. I wanted to post yesterday but the day was just too crazy! We are in Idaho Falls for the holidays and it has been so great! We have enjoyed visiting with all our friends and family! Landon has loved spending time with everyone too! He has been a good little boy. It has been wonderful to truly understand how important family is and how much we need to be there for each other and love each other no matter what. Since Tyson and I have been living in Pittsburgh without family we have grown to appreciate our family more. What a blessing it has been to be able to travel home and spend this special time with them. I want to thank our parents for making our Christmas the best as usual! You have no idea how much your help and support mean to us.

We are blessed in so many ways but especially to have the knowledge that our Savior lives and loves each of us. May we always remember to celebrate him, all year round! Happy Holidays to you all! I will post lots of fun holiday pictures soon!!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My New Ball

I had some requests from my family to post another video! While we were at the store one day, I saw a little Elmo ball and Landon was fascinated by it! He had a good time playing with it later that night!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hot Hair and Cool Shoes!

Landon's hair was so dark and beautiful when he was born but it got lighter and most of it fell out! I have tried to spike it a few times before but his hair is so thin. But a few days ago I got it to kinda stand up and look cute!

We put shoes on Landon for the first time! He had fun playing with the laces.

Turkey Day!

We had a really great Thanksgiving. The weather was pleasent too, the sun peeked out a bit! I made a lemon meringue pie for the first time. I always get nervous when baking new things and I forgot to bake the crust before putting the filling in! Ahh! But, it ended up turning out okay! Thank goodness! The Thompson's were nice enough to invite us into there home and feed us a yummy Thanksgiving dinner! Landon even had some mashed potatoes and jello! He has been doing great with his solid foods and it has been fun to feed him new foods and see his reaction to them. We sure did miss our family during this time but can't wait to see them soon!

It is tradition in my family to give the baby a turkey leg for the first Thanksgiving. Although Landon wasn't quite old enough to eat any turkey we had to get a picture of him at least holding it! Michele cooked a huge turkey so the leg was gigantic! He couldn't hold it on his own so mom and dad had to help him. He didn't know what to think.

Landon's first taste of mashed potatoes! As you can see he didn't like them at first but after a few times we couldn't give them to him fast enough!

The girls (Jonece and Dene) playing with Landon.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Countdown with Candy!

This one is for you Mom! The little Santa Clause chocolates I found fit perfectly in the pockets of the calendar stocking you gave me! Yummy!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Let it Snow

Poopey, winter is here! Although I must say, it was really pretty as the snow fell all day. Made me get in the mood for the holidays! But I am NOT looking forward to winter roads!

Oh Christmas Tree

Yeah, yeah, I know it isn't even Thanksgiving yet and we have our tree up! I thought I would put it up now so that we can enjoy it for at least a month. We will be out of town for the holidays and are leaving the 13th. I love decorating for Christmas! I have way too many decorations for our tiny house. Landon just kind of stared at it for a while. He was enjoying pulling at the branches. He also helped daddy but the snowman angel in the top after we decorated!

Tyler Surprised Us!!!

So, it was just another normal day. I was making dinner and Landon was being a little cranky so I was a bit frustrated trying to get everything in the oven on time. Tyson told me that he had some meeting at the dental school so he was going to be coming home late. Meeting? Since when did he ever have meetings? I was a little suspicious but I didn't ask a lot of questions. He also told me that a friend of his was going to drop by our house later to pick something up that Tyson had borrowed from him. When the door bell rang I picked up my crying baby and went to the door expecting to see Bryant but instead I saw my brother! HOLY COW! I was shocked! He had flown all the way from Salt Lake to stay with us for a few days and he totally kept it from me! Tyson had gone to pick him up at the airport and was hiding on the porch filming my reaction with our video camera, I looked like an idiot as I stood in the doorway with my mouth wide open! Tyler, you got was the best surprise that I have ever gotten. We went out to eat, showed him a few parts of the city, put up the Christmas tree, and hung out around the house. It was fun. And if you are reading this Tyler know that I love you and everything will be okay in the end. It is hard to see it now but this will pass. Thanks for coming to stay with us in Pittsburgh!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I am finally sitting on my own!

Landon is finally sitting on his own, although he only sits for a few seconds. He is getting the hang of it!!

Give thanks!

Ok, wow! I have no idea what I did but I finally fixed it! And now I have a cute new background! Landon is napping right now and there are a million other things I should be doing instead of being on the computer. Although I did dust a few minutes ago. The amount of dust collecting on my furniture was getting a bit out of hand! (I hate dusting!)


So, I was playing around with our blog and I somehow messed up my background. Everything is a mess...I hope I can figure out what I did wrong and fix it. So, if you are on our blog and it looks screwed up, it will hopefully be fixed soon!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Jump Jump!

I think these are some of my favorite pictures that I have ever taken of Landon!! Don't we have the cutest baby boy ever?! Ahh, I can't get over his adorable smile! We finally were able to buy him a jumper. Holy moly, they can be expensive! But, I got a check in the mail a few weeks ago from a doctor's office in Idaho Falls. I saw the doctor years ago and it was some refund for one of my visits! How random! So, we were excited to use the money to buy him a fun jumper. He seems to like it. I don't think he has figured out all the gadgets on it yet but it is fun to watch him use his feet to make the seat move up and down. He is growing up so fast and getting so big. A month ago, we went to the doctor for his regular check up and they were concerned that he wasn't gaining enough. He was only like 12 pounds, 10 ounces. (He was 9 when he was born!) We just went again today and he now weighs 17 pounds! Wahoo! He is now in the 40th percentile for his weight instead of the 5th!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Fast asleep!

So lately Landon has been wrapping his arm around the bumper pad in his crib. The minute we lay him down for the night he rolls over and slips his arm over it! So I had to take a few pictures! It is so funny the habits kids develop when they sleep!

Trax Farms

Tyson, Landon, and I went with some of our friends to Trax Farms last Saturday. They have several of these farms in the area. It was so cute. They had a petting zoo, hay rides, and lot's of pumpkins! The food was great too! It was a bit cold when we got there but it ended up being a perfect day! We bought a little pumpkin for little Landon!

Landon in the Laundy!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Landon is giving kisses! Ok, there not really kisses. They are more like slobbery open mouth licks, but we like to call them kisses! Tyson tries to get Landon to "kiss" him on the check all the time, he loves it!

Big Eyes!

I got a kick out of Landon and his big blue eyes, I was trying to get him to blow bubbles (that has been his new thing lately) but he didn't want to perform!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fall Festival

This remeinded us of something you would see in the movies. These guys were on the street singing. Had to get a picture with them!

They have a moutain man exhibit every year where men and women set up tents and stoves and build fires and live just like real moutain men do. They cook all their meals and tough it out, rain or shine. It is fun to walk through and see how people like that would have lived.

Dad and Landon in line for an Italian hotdog! And then off to see some little goats!

Tyson and I love Fall Festivals and we found a cute little one in the town of Zelienople just outside of Pittsburgh the first year that we moved out here. We decided to make it a tradition and go every year. It was fun to take Landon! Here we are getting ready to head out. Landon was excited to go!

Fall walks!

I love fall time, especially here in Pittsburgh. There are so many trees and it is just beautiful when they all start to change colors. The weather has been awesome and Landon is now at the stage where he loves his stroller and walks. I hope the weather stays nice for just a while longer so we can get a few more in! I am so not looking forward to winter and snow! Anyway, here are some pictures we took while out walking one evening. I bought the cute little blue hat and gloves for Landon so he would stay nice and cozy while we were out and I must have taken a dozen pictures of him in it! I am a total dork! Poor little guy fell asleep on the way back to our house.

Monday, October 6, 2008

My first taste of real food!

So, I have been meaning to post these pictures for a few weeks now but life has been a little hectic and I have had trouble finding time to spend on the computer! I thought these pictures were way cute. He is doing better and better with the cereal and spoon although sometimes he just sticks his tongue out and tries to lick the spoon, of course the cereal flies everywhere and I have quite the mess to clean afterwards! I am going to try baby food here in a few weeks. Man, he is growing up so fast! Sometimes that makes me happy, sometimes that makes me sad!