Wednesday, July 8, 2009

And his first word is (drum roll please)...bubbles!!!

Here is a little video clip of Landon saying his first word!!! He loves bubbles!

Happy 4th!!

The 4th of July kind of snuck up on us so we really didn't make a lot of plans for the weekend. I think that at the beginning of the day we were feeling pretty bummed and really wishing we were home with our families on this fun holiday. But our kind Bishop and his wife invited our ward family to his home for food and fireworks that evening and that certainly lifted our spirits! It was great to mingle with some good friends and eat some delicious food. Landon did really well during the fireworks too! He totally stayed in our laps and watched the whole show! He is not a lap baby so we took in every minute of cuddling with our little boy!

Landon and I with my friend Ashley and her little boy Jackson. Thanks "bestie"! :) You have been an awesome friend and can't wait to hang with you more!

Landon going to play with the big kids!

Watching the fireworks!


"Take me out to the ball game..."

We were so excited to finally get to a Pirate's game this summer! Landon only watched the game for a few minutes of course, his attention span is quite short, but it was still fun to be in the stadium and to eat some really unhealthy food that was oh so yummy! It has been great to live in a city of champions...the Steelers, the Penguins! But our dear Pirates, oh how they struggle. I think the last time that they won the world series was in 79?? Yikes! Still fun to watch though!

Landon trying cotton candy for the first time!

The view of dowtown Pittsburgh from outside the stadium. Love this side of the city!

There was this man walking near us as when were leaving the game pushing a cart full of flowers that he was selling. He was very nice and was commenting on how cute Landon was. He asked if he could give Landon one of his flowers. It was so funny! Then he offered to take a picture of all of can see his little cart next to us. You could tell that just talking to us and taking our picture made this man's day. Cute!