Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lot's of cake we did eat, so we made a trip to the dental seat!

Grandma sent Landon some really cute cooking utinsils and bowl. He LOVES to cook. So, he had a ball making daddy a cake for Valentine's Day! I might have a future chef in my home, watch out Food Network!

We celebrated Tyson's birthday on the 21st. Happy 29th babe! You are my soulmate, my friend, my everything. Thanks for all you do. I hope your day was great.

Landon enjoyed Daddy's cake too!

Landon's first trip to see almost Dr. Murdock!!! Dr. Tyson Murdock...that has a great ring to it! It was so great to see Tyson in action. Landon enjoyed having his teeth cleaned. P.S. Tyson passed boards last week! Yahoooo!! We are so proud of you babe!

But, he did not like having his teeth checked!

Nothing an alligator full of teeth can't fix!

Landon left with a lot of stickers, a new toothbrush and a clean smile! Good job little man!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Groundhog WAS serious!

In the four years that we have been here in Pittsburgh, we have never seen this much snow. The residents in our neighborhood say they can't remember the last time they have seen this much snow. I think the city is in a little bit of a shock!

There must have been about a dozen cars that got stuck in front of our house. Our TV has been down so this is our entertainment for the day!

I haven't been able to watch the news but I am sure we have gotten over 2 feet of snow. So naturally, it took Tyson some time to clear off the truck.

That tree is not suppose to look like that...

Be safe everyone!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Say Cheese!

Our AMAZING friend, Maretta, took some AMAZING family pictures for us!!! Of course all of my favorites are of Landon. Um, hello?! Don't we have the cutest kid ever?? Thanks to the city of Pittsburgh for our great backdrop. Now we can remember the 4 years we spent here in style! If you would like Maretta to take your photos or to check out her albums Click Here!