Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Our really, really long catch up post!

It has been waaaaay too long since our last post and I do apologize to our followers, although I know we don't have many! :) We are finally feeling completely settled in Idaho Falls and really enjoyed this summer with our family and friends. Warning: This post will be HUGE with lots of pictures...sorry!

July Murdock Family Reunion at Lagoon Amusement Park in Utah.

The best thing about our reunion was watching Landon's reaction while we pretty much forced him on the rides. Mean parents? Hey, he ended up liking them in the end!

See, so much fun that we just tuckered him right out!

Look, my first tattoo!! Watch out, us Murdock girls are pretty wild!

4th of July (It's not that bad that I am posting this in November right?)
Food, Fireworks, Family, FUN...enough said!

Grandpa and Grandma Kay...

Camping with old friends! (We are still in July folks!)

We were so excited to finally take Landon camping. We had several opportunities to go in Pittsburgh but Landon was a handful in his infant days and we were too afraid it would be a nightmare! It was great to reunite with some friends that we haven't hung out with in forever. We played in the water, cooked by fire, and played lot's of games! We had an awesome time!

The slip-n-slide...brought memories of when I used to slither down that long tarp as a kid. Landon loved it!

Tyson and Roger, they are sweeties through and through. (There is more to the story there...)

Roger and Melissa.

Josh and Jill.

Our amazing view from our campsite.

And here is my scary camping story. Ooohhh! We went to bed late, Landon was already in the tent sleeping. Tyson and I snuck in the tent and got settled into our sleeping bags. Unfortunately, it had started to rain earlier in the evening which was kind of a bummer. Tyson fell asleep pretty quickly, as he usually does (urgh). I was fading in and out of sleep, trying to get comfortable, trying to get warm, listening to the rain. I all the sudden was awoken by the loudest growl I have ever heard. It was coming from behind my head, right outside the tent wall!! I don't think that I have ever really felt true fright until that moment. I thought something would rip through the tent at any second. I didn't say a word, I was too scared, I hid in my sleeping bag. Didn't hear the sound again. In the morning a fellow camper said that there were coyotes in the area. AHHH!!! I coyote was right by my head, growling!

Long over due trip to our cabin in Island Park! (September)

Every time I step into our small mountain cabin by the lake, the smell, the old furniture, the sound of ducks on the water always brings back a million memories. I was so glad to finally get back and spend a weekend there with my family.

Landon with his cousins eating some gold old s'mores!

The best thing that happened all weekend was Landon's first catch! Sadly it happened so fast we couldn't get the action on camera but here are a few of the big fish he reeled in.

He may be quite the boy with his big fishing skills but he still loves his time with the ladies.

And what cabin trip would be complete without a bath in a rustic metal tub on the back porch in the woods! Isn't he the cutest!?

October, Yellowstone Bear World

Prepare yourself for the cutest picture you will ever see! A little deer and a little boy, it could be in a calendar!

They had some little rides that Landon enjoyed before we left the park.

That's it for now! We have house and fun Halloween pictures to blog next...hopefully I'll get them posted before next year! :)