Sunday, May 23, 2010

Big Steps

So much has happened in the last few weeks, it's hard to know where to begin. We did it! We finally did it. We are moving onto that next step in life. And what a big step it is! Speaking of steps, there were tons of things that we didn't get to do before leaving Pittsburgh. You think that you will have time, maybe after this semester, or after those finals, but our last few years in Pittsburgh flew by. One thing that I really wanted to do before leaving was to explore the steps of the South Side. Pittsburgh is full of steps, next to roads, in place of roads. It's crazy. There are so many hills, that steps were made to make getting up and down these hills a little easier. So, I drug a few of my good friends with me and we went a climbing! It was so much fun. We stopped and took some pictures along the way.

Turning 2 is another big step! Our sweet little Landon is growing up so fast! We had a fabulous time at Chucky Cheese. We invited Landon's best friend, Jackson and his parents (who are also the best people ever)! Pizza, toys, pizza, presents, cake, toys...yes, Landon was in heaven! Well, except for this time...

Okay, I am going to get a tad sappy here. I was blessed with a lot of great friends in Pittsburgh but I think of one as my angel. She came along and saved me. She was the one who called me when I was feeling lonely, she teased me when I needed to smile, she gave me a hug when I needed support, she loved me and my family. Landon loved her family too, especially her little boy. He asks for him now, to play with him, and it breaks my heart. We can't wait to see you again. To Landon's bestie and mine...we love you!! Thank you for everything. Really, for everything.

(Wiping tears) Now, drum roll please, for the most exciting step! Introducing Dr. Tyson Murdock! Hooray!!!

Waiting for Tyson and the other graduates to walk down the isle. So exciting!

I couldn't be more proud!

Most of the "dental" kids! How cute is that?

Saying goodbye was hard. Here are a few more of our amazing friends that came over to wish us luck! We love you guys!

There were a few close friends who we didn't get to say goodbye to which was really, really sad but it's time to move forward and be grateful for the good memories we did make while in dental school. Thanks to all our friends who helped us along the way. (That includes my awesome clogging buddies!) They were hard years but they taught us a lot.

So long Pittsburgh!

And hello Idaho!!?? Yes people, that is snow, in May...snow. Oh man, it's good to be home!