Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day in DC!

We had a list of places that we wanted to visit while living here in Pittsburgh and Washington DC was one of them! We finally were able to plan a trip to go over Memorial weekend. It was really great to take our little family and get away for a few days! The hotel we stayed in was awesome, the view looking down from our window into the hotel was really cool. We did a ton of walking and saw some amazing things!

The Whitehouse was really neat and was the first thing that we decided to go see once we arrived. The security was crazy and we kept hearing the sound of a helicopter really close to us but never actually saw it until we got around to the other side. We finally saw it take off and got some great shots of it right in front of the Whitehouse. We learned on the news the next day that the President had left for Camp David around that time. Maybe we were able to see him take off!? It was pretty cool! Landon was fascinated by the whole thing!

Landon with the statue of Jackon. Funny!

The city was full of amazing buildings, statues, and structures. I wish I was a better photographer to better capture all of the amazing things that we saw!

Unfortunately a 1 year old and a museum don't really go together so we really had to rush though a lot of the museum's faster then we wanted but we still were able to see some great pieces of history and learn a bit more about our country.

Landon had a ball playing in the hotel pool! He was splashing so much that it was hard to get a good picture! His poor little eyes were red from the chlorine but he didn't care! I am glad that he loves the water! It's so fun.

Mom's Visit to Pittsburgh!

It was so great to have my mom come out from Idaho to visit with us here in Pittsburgh. We had a good time and tried to get out and do some fun things while she was here. We went to the park and played with Landon on the slide and swings, we went to the movies and saw Ghosts of Girlfriends Past which was sooo not as good as I wish it would have been! We went out to eat, to Trax Farms, and to the Children's Museum. Woo, we did a lot! Landon loved having his grandma around to play with too. Thanks mom for everything!

Landon's birthday wasn't over yet! Grandma brought some fun present's for Landon, a cool little people plane, a book, and some cute clothes! Man, what a spoiled little boy!

My mom had never been to the Cheesecake Factory so we had to take her! Mmmmm, it was really, really yummy and it was such beautiful weather too.

We went to the Children's Museum which was so fun. They had all sorts of activities for Landon to do. He loved the water section of the museum. It was so cute, he was totally getting soaked as he was playing with all the little tubes and holes where the water was coming out. It was all fun and games until he stepped back on his rain coat and slipped to the ground. He was okay but bonked his head pretty good. I felt so bad! We then were able to distract him from crying by finding a little fish in a pool of water for him to play with!

Blue sand and wooden blocks! A little boys dream!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Fun with Grandpa and Grandma Kay!

Our visit with Grandpa and Grandma Kay was so fun! It was especially neat to have them here for Landon's birthday. We went out to eat, played at the park, and visited the zoo. Landon loved the zoo! His favorite part where all the fishies! It was great to be with family again and I look foward to my mom visiting next week!

Friday, May 8, 2009

1 Year Old!!!

Our little baby boy is 1! Wednesday, May 6th was Landon's birthday. His Grandpa and Grandma Kay came clear from Idaho to visit us on his special day which was so much fun! We had a few friends over for a barbeque later in the evening to help us celebrate. It started to rain really hard which was a bummer and to make matters worse all our company seemed to overwhelm poor little Landon and he got really really upset and wouldn't calm down as you can see from the picture below! (That's grandpa holding Landon in the picture.) Oh man! We worried that might happen and we thought we were in for a long night and that his birthday would be a wreck! But as soon as he dug into his cake it turned out ok.

We had a little animal theme and I made lion cupcakes! Man, they took forever but aren't they so cute!?

And here is Landon's bear cake!

Landon didn't know what to do with the cake when we put it in front of him but his daddy helped him by putting his hand in it and then he dug right in! He was just shoveling it into his mouth! It was so cute!

And here is the after picture of the cake! What a MESS! All that work! Sheesh! But it was worth it!

Wahoo...opening gifts! It was getting late and he had a really long day so we were handing him his presents quickly so that he could open a few without throwing a fit!

Thank you to Nanny and Bompa for the cute clothes and Barney video!!

And Grandpa and Grandma Kay got him some fun outside toys...a sprinkler, dump truck, bubbles, and a shovel!

We didn't have time to show Landon his big present from us on his birthday but we got him a fun pool for him to use this summer! Landon loves the water, can't wait!

Here are just a few of Landon's fun gifts, he also got some books and a CD with fun childrens music on it!

Landon loved his new ball! He played with it all the next morning!

To our little boy, mommy and daddy love you so much! You are getting so big and learning so quickly. We are so proud of you and for the sweet spirit that you are. You have brought more joy to us then we ever thought possible. Happy first birthday bubby, we look foward to sharing many more!